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Elizabeth Laferrière, créatrice visuelle

Elizabeth Laferrière, visual artist


Elizabeth Laferrière, a visual designer, artist of the unexpected.

The second of a family of 4 children and the daughter of an entrepreneur father and a painter mother, Elizabeth naturally chose a path in applied arts and has almost always worked on her own.

Childish lines, each of them has its place and its function.

Elizabeth is inspired by surprise, spontaneity to create naive, funny atmospheres while remaining in the simplicity. She loves the gesture of drawing, the movement more than the end result of a piece, although these two aspects are equally important in the end. Working by hand gives her more freedom and less calculation than working at the computer.

The artist loves to join musical partners to create visuals complementary to their works. Among her favorite collaborators we find, for example, Gabriel Poirier-Galarneau, with whom she participated in the production of shows by Robert Charlebois, Rémi Vincent and Vincent Raineri, with whom she has carried out several animation projects: «I love creating for the music scene. It is always an immense and natural pleasure to interact with musicians.»

Elizabeth works a lot by hand, even for video animation. She always mentions having liked to tinker. She «always tries to have a balance between the analogue and digital world in [her] work.»

For the S/S 2021 collection, a simple essence in the image of Eve Gravel and spontaneous, imperfect lines representing the art of Elizabeth have merged to make two exclusive prints: Seeds and Ugo.

For the latter, Elizabeth started from her son's drawings, hence the name Ugo.

«In this sense, I admire the visual universe of my son.

He is still free and alive. He's still small enough to just marvel at the features. He invents a whole world around his drawings.»

In this type of project, namely the prints developed for Eve Gravel, Elizabeth «seeks to rediscover this ardor, this naive freedom.»
«... The desire that the features tell nothing specific, but testify to an energy.
Often, we sit together and I make him talk about what he sees in his drawings or what he wanted to show. I am, each time, so amazed at his answers! He tells me about the sky and the stars, a laboratory full of inventions and more ...»


Ugo Print in development, archives of Elizabeth Laferrière

The release of the S/S 2021 collection is, in our opinion, the perfect time to introduce you to an incredibly talented and passionate artist and her universe. That would maybe make you appreciate spring in another way!

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