November 24 - December 4

F/W 22

Overview of the current collection

The Prints

You recognize her unique, poetic and evocative style, Julia GR is back this season for a new collaboration. Prints of a delicacy and elegance that we admire. Designed in our Mile-end workshop, it is here that from a few brush strokes were born "body parts" and "les oies". Always inspired by her personal experience, the visual artist Julia GR transcribes her love of tiles as well as her childhood memories of observing the first migrations of geese as a family. We tell you about it more details of this collaboration in the Blog section of our website.


Eve Gravel is launching her very first collection of knitwear. You definitely want to snuggle up in it this winter. 100% handmade and made in collaboration with a small workshop in Peru, we are proud to present it to you. You can spot a print from the artist Julia GR in there because you can never have too much of her art! | LIMITED QUANTITY |


30% off the A/H21 collection


Our values

As part of the "slow fashion" movement, we are committed to offering you ethically produced clothing that lasts over time, both in terms of style and quality. To do this, we attach great importance to producing all our collections locally, working with designers in the Montreal area, using natural OEKO-TEX® materials as often as possible and creating minimalist and timeless pieces that will follow you for long time.


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