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Collab S | S 23 [ Estée Preda ]

Collab S | S 23 [ Estée Preda ]

Collaborating with local artists is important to us. It's about mixing our universes with the intention of creating unique pieces.

This season Eve Gravel is partnering with Estée Preda for the realisation of her prints.

Created here in Montreal, multi-talented local artist Estée Preda draws her creativity from folk art and outsider art. An artist sharing a world where naivety and tons of surreal stories come to life.

Rocked by the tales of the Grimm Brothers and Hans Christian Andersen when she was little, her imagination mixes with her reality and it's comes alive on paper.

Estée Preda begins each project with sketches that she draws in lead pencil in her sketchbook until something stands out and catches her attention. She then redraws on watercolor paper the sketches that speak to her the most and adds color to them. This is her favorite part, choosing her gouache color palette. She digitizes everything and hop voilà!

A talent as a visual artist but also as a drummer. She accompanies her lover Gus Englehorn on drums. She also directs their music videos - check it out:

During our collaboration with Estée Preda, she was on tour with Gus Englehorn in Brighton England, the Rocky Mountains and Quebec. "Places that have an influence on the illustrations and small elements specific to each region have been inserted." says Estée Preda.




S H O P    T H E    C O L L E C T I O N

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Collab S | S 23 MAMÉ

Collab S | S 23 MAMÉ

Eve Gravel x MAMÉ

Eve Gravel x MAME eve gravel X mamé A collaboration with Montreal artists, Magalie Billardon and Mélanie Loubert who locally manufactures a magnificent range of crocheted clothing and accessories. - For some, the lockdown looked like pajama days making sourdough bread or gnocchi. For others, the lockdown was a revelation followed by a success. Friends then roommates and now business partner Magalie and Mélanie embarked on the adventure of crocheting to our greatest pleasure. Pieces made entirely by hand in an eco-responsible way. Two young women who advocate the diversity of bodies and respect for the environment. A non-gendered, colorful, daring but above all different universe signed “the new generation”. - Discover our 3 pieces designed in collaboration with MAMÉ on our website only:









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