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20 ANS [ish]

20 [ish]

20 years [ more 21 years but who's counting ]. Two decades of joy, disappointment, hard work, reward. .etc. It is a well-deserved success for the talented Eve Gravel for whom the title entrepreneur goes to delight. A unique style that we owe to a business woman who wants to keep it casual. 

A big thank you to the Eve Gravel customers who allow these creations to live outside a sheet of paper.


Eve Gravel 20 ans 

                                                                 Sophie St-Laurent & Marie-Noëlle Hamelin


 Eve Gravel & Stéphane Le Duc                 Marjorie Guindon & Eve Gravel


 Sophie St-Laurent, Eve & Marjorie Guindon     Ariane Moffatt & Eve


 Katia Dion & Vicky Boudreau | Justine Laberge, Paule Claveau & Stephanie Delisle


 Noëmie Plainfossé, Amandine Colin, Martin Paquette | Eve & Joëlle Paquette


 Valérie Roberts & Eve Gravel                    Katia Dion


 Ariane Moffatt & Eve Gravel                     Caroline Langevin


 Jean Phi Goncalves, Eve & Julianna verda  |  Caroline Comtois


 André Menand & Eve


 Jean Phi Goncalves, Katia Dion


Julia GR & Eve

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