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[ HOME ] capsule

[ HOME ] capsule

Eve Gravel presents her HOME capsule.

Perfect capsule for summer !

A capsule in the image of Eve. An idea, a project and hop on we embark on the creation of pieces that are more Lifestyle than Style.

Using our extra fabrics and reusing them in another form that's the idea here.

You will be able to dress your home with our favorite Eve Gravel fabrics.

You will find two prints made in collaboration with Julia GR, which we never get tired of seeing. And our most "basic", mainly made of 100% OEKO-TEX Linen. There is something for every one.

If you're looking to add personality to your rooms, our curtains are just perfect. If you have planned a dinner with friends or just want to give a boost of freshness to your dining table (living room or terrace) our tablecloths and napkins are essential elements. A desire to embellish your lunches at work? Our utensil pouches are designed to take up no space and can hold four kitchen utensils. Finally, our cushions are fun! To dress up your guest room, children's room, sofa, outdoor armchairs... they literally go everywhere.

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Made in Montréal