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EXCLU | À la rencontre [ d'une partie ] de l'équipe Eve Gravel

EXCLU | Meet [ a part ] of our team

Each season, designer Eve Gravel offer you some exclusive items!
Limited quantity! If you want to wear something that no one has in their wardrobe then it's the place to shop! 
While presenting you some of the pieces, let me introduce you to the team! (I mean, part of the team)


                                            Noémie : Production. In our CHUCK pants


                                                Safaa : B to C. In our ELEINA shirt


                                         Tamara : Accoutning/Administration. In our LÉOPOLD top


         India : Doesn't work here anymore but still love her, she's wearring the RAMONA dress                                                 

                                                 Aleyssa : B to B. Wears LÉVI jacket

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