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Safaa holds the position of B to C Customer Service Manager. She wears her favorite item from our Fall|Winter 22 collection (and ours too to be honest), our APRIL Knit sweater.
An essential this winter! It is 100% handmade and made in a carefully selected sustainable Peruvian workshop because sharing values ​​is an important point for both parties (see article on the production of our knitwear here).
It is made of 100% OEKO TEX baby alpaca wool!
Baby alpaca wool also known as "wool's god" is considered in the industry to be a luxurious fiber. Indeed, it brings together three very important characteristics for us little chilly human beings:
- Thinness of the hair
- Softness
- Warmth
The fiber used is developed in an environment that respects the animal [baby alpaca wool is collected when the little one is 1 year old for their first and only mowing of the year] and our planet. Baby alpaca fiber is natural and hypoallergenic, so ideal for people with sensitive skin!
The team is crazy about these little wonders, they are of incredible quality and surreal softness.
She wears the APRIL knit:
- In Matcha & Épinette with the MITCHELL shirt and the COHEN Pants in Black/Cream
- In Matcha & Épinette with the RUTH jumpsuit in Sepia
- In Rosé & Almond with the BRIGERTON skirt in Vanille

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