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Fall [fly away home]

Fall [fly away home]

This season Eve Gravel joins force again with the visual artist Julia GR. Prints full of autumn winter vibes. "Cosy and Intimate" are the words used by Julia GR to describe the first print of this season, Body Parts. Her version of a "Rubik's Cube », not coloured but rather made up of the human body parts. It's her way of evoking his love of tiles while keeping her identity, her touch, her brushstroke that we love so much.


         "it's up to the person looking at the print to tell the story" Julia GR


Geese. A second print with warm and autumnal colours. Julia tells us about the nostalgia of those autumn days where she used to watch the first migration of geese in the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré area alongside her parents and her grandmother and the warmth she feels around that time each fall season. We all have that indescribable feeling when fall arrives. The change of colour, the coolness in the air, the warmth in our homes, chestnuts by the fire and the migrating geese…it makes you want to grab our “The Geese” print, doesn’t it? I do.


Julia GR generously shared with us archives of her childhood memories and her creative process during this second collaboration with us.